Classical Ballet at Gayle Corkery School of Ballet – Teachers included Li Chou Cheng, Letitia Gray, Julie Ballew

Classical Ballet, Modern & Jazz at Ballet Met in Columbus, OH in the Pro Track program

Aerial Silks at Lone Star Circus School




Bruce Wood Dance Company – Spring 1998 – Spring 1999

Festival Ballet of North Central Texas – The Nutcracker – 1997, 1998, 2009, 2010, 2011 – Principal & Soloist roles



Aerial Silks Solo (February 2017) at Arts Council of Fort Worth’s “Celebration of the Arts”

Aerial Silks Solo (September 2017) at Fort Worth Fringe Fest 2017



Hip Pocket Theatre

Cowtown (1999) Directed by Johnny Simons

Dreams Do Not Care (2008) Directed by Johnny Simons

The Prophet (2009) Directed by Johnny Simons

Ed Abbey, Wild & Iron Sky (2010) Directed by John Carlisle Moore

Origins of the Specifics (2010) Directed by John Carlisle Moore

Wind Set-Up (2011) Directed by Lake Simons

Butterfly’s Evil Spell – Firefly (2011) Directed by Johnny Simons

A Tempest – Ariel (2013) Directed by Lake Simons

Fuzzbug Follies (2013) Directed by Johnny Simons

Rose Nose Rhapsody (2014) Directed by Lake Simons

Nekkid with the Cats (2014) Directed by Johnny Simons

Tree Pop (2015) Directed by Lake Simons

Lili – Rosalie, the magician’s assistant (2015) Directed by James Maynard

Don Quixote (2016) Directed by Lake Simons

The Lake Worth Monster (2016) Directed by Johnny Simons


Artes de la Rosa

Maria de Buenos Aires (2012) Directed by Adam Adolfo & Elise LaValle

The Fifth Sun  – Kukulcan (2012) Directed by Adam Adolfo



Lil’ Abner at CATS Summer Stars, Directed by Kathy Ward

The Understudy at Amphibian Stage Productions, Directed by Rene Moreno

Robin Goodfellow at Creative Arts Theatre & School, Directed by Dennis Maher



Gayle Corkery School of Ballet – Intermediate Ballet

Kids Who Care – Strength Building – All Ages

Creative Arts Theatre & School – Beginning Ballet, Jazz & Tap, Advanced Ballet

Casa Mañana – Beginner to Intermediate Musical Theatre, Jazz & Tap

Innovative Dance – Intro to Intermediate Aerial Silks



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